CBT 2024

CBT 2024

Host churches for June 2024 are the Evangelical Church of Berlin Brandenburg-Silesian Upper Lusatia (EKBO) and the Evangelical Augsburg Church in Poland (EAKiP).

Other participating churches are the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren (ECCB) and the Czecho-Slovak Hussite Church and the Silesian Evangelical Church of the Czech Republic, the Reformed and Lutheran Churches of Slovakia and Hungary, the Protestant Churches of Austria and the Northern Church of Germany, the Evangelical Church in Central Germany (EKM), the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Saxony (EVKLS) and Bavaria (ELKB), the Evangelical Church in Württemberg (elk-wue) and regional ecumenism.

The Protestant churches from Slovenia, Romania and Ukraine are participating in the Christian Encounter Days.

“As a regional church, we are very pleased to be hosting the Christian Meeting Days 2024 in Frankfurt (Oder)/Słubice together with the Diocese of Wroclaw. Encounter, prayer and conversation strengthen coexistence in society and the Church. That is what we need here, in the heart of Europe. We invite you to this celebration now, because: “Nothing can separate us!”.


General Superintendent Theresa Rinecker, Presidential Director of CBT 2024

“My heart as a bishop of a diaspora diocese is filled with joy that we have been invited to help organize the meeting of Christians in Frankfurt (Oder) and Słubice .
Every encounter that builds bonds, strengthens peace and reconciliation is a joy.
This is what we need in our difficult times and what we are called to do:
To bear witness to faith in love and respect. That’s why I’m impatiently waiting for June 2024.”


Bishop Waldemar Pytel

Motto of the Meeting Days 2024


As Christian churches, we take a stand in a world that is challenged by many crises. We stand up for solidarity and cohesion, against divisions, claims to power, populism and war. As a grown community, we stand together courageously. In doing so, we are sustained by the love of God, which is given to us in Jesus Christ. The german-Polish friendship is reflected in the joint invitation of the EKBO and the Diocese of Wrocław, the Lutheran Church in Poland, as well as the involvement of regional ecumenism.

Organizational structure

The International Preparatory Group (IVG) is made up of representatives of the participating churches.

The host churches are responsible for invitations, technical/logistical organization and programmatic coordination.

The following committees have been formed: Management, Finance, Administration, Public Relations, Preparatory Group Frankfurt (Oder)

The steering committee is responsible for controlling the content and acts as a source of ideas and multipliers. Leaders and co-leaders work in working groups to develop the program for CBT.

The office is responsible for the organizational implementation and implementation of the Christian Meeting Days. It supports the multipliers in the programme, establishes contact with networks, carries out public relations work in cooperation with the regional churches and the region and is responsible for the management of the GA and steering committee.

Exchange, program planning and site visit

Meeting of the IVG in

History of the Christian Days of Encounter

The Christian Meeting Days were founded in 1991 in Görlitz at the invitation of the Evangelical Church of Silesian Upper Lusatia to the partner churches in Poland and the former Czechoslovakia. Since 2005, the Protestant churches in Slovakia, Hungary and Austria, as well as the Bavarian and Saxon regional churches, have also participated. In the course of time, they have developed the Meeting Days into a Christian meeting of Protestant churches from all over Central and Eastern Europe.

In 2011, the CBT were integrated into the German Protestant Kirchentag in Dresden. In June 2014, the Protestant Christians of Central and Eastern Europe met in Wroclaw. Four years later, in July 2016, the meeting took place in Budapest at the invitation of the Lutheran Church of Hungary. The meeting days in Graz, which were planned for 2020, had to be cancelled due to the Corona pandemic.