Every place to sleep counts: It doesn’t have to be a hotel standard that is offered.

Many guests are looking for private accommodation for the Christian Meeting Days. We would be pleased if you would also open your houses, bungalows and apartments to our guests in Frankfurt (Oder), Märkisch-Oderland, Oder-Spree and Słubice and offer overnight accommodation.

Several thousand guests are expected for CBT 2024 in Frankfurt (Oder)/Słubice. Many will stay in hotels and guesthouses, camp or spend the night in shared accommodation. However, some of our visitors are also looking for places to stay privately.

If you can imagine making your sofa, guest room, holiday apartment or other sleeping places available to our visitors, then just get in touch
by e-mail at or call (+49) 335 5563123.

Don’t forget hospitality; because through them
Some, without suspecting it,
Angel hosts!

Hebrews 13:2

Important to know: You don’t have to offer hotel standard! You don’t have to worry about language barriers! You decide who you want to host! Whether apartment, room, bed, air mattress or space for a sleeping mat – our guests are happy about any kind of accommodation. The most important thing will be: getting to know each other and exchanging ideas.